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Message Subject Urgent: From the Awaited Imam Mahdi to all peoples of the world, believers and disbelievers, on Mother Earth
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I don't praise Allah, I praise Yahweh! The word Allah gives me the creeps for some reason.
 Quoting: Apple Ugly

That is because "allah" is NOT a name for the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Mohammed came from the Quraysh tribe. Their tribal, pagan goddess was Allilah, the moon goddess.

Because Mohammed worked as a stable boy for a Jewish woman- and also served as her boy-toy lover, he grew to hate women.

So, when he invented his own god, he altered the name "Allilah" into "Allah".

Later, when Mohammed told his followers they could pray to the three lady servants of Allilah to take prayers to Allah, the people rebelled and said the servants of a demoness cannot also serve God Almighty (they were correct!).

So, Mohammed came out and said the devil had tricked him. He retracted the decree.

That was the subject of Salman Rush-die's book, "The Satanic Verses".


To my brothers who are seeking to know God more and closer, to feel His love and know His desires and nature: Jesus IS the Son of God and the ONLY way to eternal life. The blood of a martyr does not justify his family. Only the blood of Jesus Christ can justify you with God.
No matter the greatness or meekness of your sins, the blood of Jesus washes them away.

Jesus absolutely died on the cross. He was buried three days. On the third day, God rose Jesus from the grave to show that HE has power over death and the grave. Whosoever believes Jesus is the Son, turns away from evil living, and puts God and love first in their life, receives forgiveness and becomes a child of God, not just a servant.

Jesus said, "I am the Son of God." He confirmed he is the Messiah many times.

I know that God loves the Muslim people, just as He loves the broken Christians. All people need to turn from wicked ways and turn to God. That is the ONLY way. Religion never saved anyone.
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