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I know the secret to Puma Punku, here it is.

yellow duck
User ID: 24554510
United States
12/17/2012 04:44 AM
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I know the secret to Puma Punku, here it is.
Through the divine light of Christ, here is what Puma Punku was;

The meeting place for the inhabitants of the earth, of their own density, like the UN of today but not much like it. Where each group of inhabitants was more like a tribe, Puma Punku was the meeting hall for resolutions.

Cayce said that the earth's inhabitants did meet to discuss how to extinguish the nuisance dinosaurs. He went on to say that God did destroy the dinosaurs for the earth's inhabitants.

It is likely the inhabitants did not walk on water for days to reach Puma Punku from all ends of the earth but rather flew in their "UFO" craft.

Quantum physics dictates that causality does not need be linear. This means that the reason for something in the past is due to a cause in the future.

Cayce also said that Lemurians were more ethereal, yet scaley. Keep in mind your reality, no matter what density you exist in, is as "real" as "reality" can be. Although the less-dense beings (photonic as opposed to our electro-chemical bodies) can influence more dense realities (both realities consisting of light, or plasma), it wasn't until about the end time of Atlantis that we began existing intelligently in this reality some 35,000 years ago.

Physical traces of less-dense manipulation on this reality, for what cause, might have shown up for reasons yet to be discovered.

It is also likely, because cultures the world over knew of an impending asteroid hit with earth, that they left before it happened because the asteroid was of course steered with the intent of impact with earth to exterminate the dinosaurs. And why do that when it would take how many tens of thousands of years to repopulate? What is time when you understand infinity, "forever"? Earth was ideal living, it just so happened dinosaurs got to living here first.
In what way did Cayce mean "God" destroyed the dinosaurs (for the earth's inhabitants)? I think it means this planet is especially divine in His will.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 30125197
United Kingdom
12/17/2012 05:25 AM
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Re: I know the secret to Puma Punku, here it is.
What the hell does that religious woo-woo rant have to do with Puma Punku?

Totally irrelevant. No explanation of the sharp edges, smooth surfaces and drilled deep holes in granite that can be found everywhere in the masony. No explanation of what the buildings were intended for. No naming of who built the most amazing stone buildings in the world.
You know nothing.