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Why do Americans need guns?

Conspiracy Theorist

User ID: 8962305
United States
12/18/2012 09:59 AM
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Re: Why do Americans need guns?
s. d. butler

User ID: 974819
United States
12/18/2012 05:32 PM
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Re: Why do Americans need guns?
Let's make a thought-experiment.

Society is split into two segments, divided by a wall. On the other side guns are allowed and everybody is free to kill each other. The other side bans guns.

Then each person must choose which side of the wall to live. Where would you like to go?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 14296220

Are you some kinda Commie-Pinko?

Finland has loads of legally-owned guns, and good for them!

You must be an Arab parasite, or a 14-year old dipshit.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 30152268

Guns are for killing. If you own a gun you must be wanting to kill somebody. You want to kill somebody? You bad. Nobody should be allowed to own a gun.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 14296220

Are you really that stupid as to simplify things to such an infantile level. Come to think of it you don't sound much older than a 10 year old.

Why is this difficult to grasp? Criminals will ALWAYS own guns, whether they are legal or not. To ban them takes regular people's ability away to defend themselves from criminals. All you do by banning them is hand over more power and control to the criminals. Street crime goes up, house invasions go up as the criminals have no deterrent from doing these things because they know there is very little chance they will be challenged by anyone. Free reign.

Also, your opinion that you should not be allowed to own a gun only really applies to your own country. What right do you have to say that no one should be allowed to own a gun in the US? It's a different society, different culture that you have little to no understanding about. You can't apply your own countries idealisms to another country and expect them to fit. Yes, I am also from another country but I can grasp this incredibly simple concept and keep an open mind whilst discussing it, unlike the vast majority of retards from my own country and others that see fit to stick their nose into this thread with nothing but trolling and hatred.

Grow up guys and open your mind up to the fact that the world is a very different place dependant on which part of it you are standing on.
 Quoting: Defj@m

Good post.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 32639
12/18/2012 05:35 PM
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Re: Why do Americans need guns?


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