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There is nothing "shoddy" about the reporting of this latest massacre.

Anonymous Coward
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United States
12/17/2012 10:55 AM
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There is nothing "shoddy" about the reporting of this latest massacre.
Nope. Not one minute do I think our government is incompetent in their reporting, or even getting any of the facts "wrong".

Nope..........this is exactly how it's supposed to work. We're confronted with a horrible story that includes the deaths of innocent children in their school, no less. As soon as MSM gives us one 'fact' is is contradicted by another which soon follows.

All is purposely done in order to keep us confused and looking like idiots. ALL of these bombings and shooting sprees are a result of propaganda and lies. This prevents the discussion of any detail that might shed evidence on what really happened.

Talking to a friend on the phone yesterday, it was impossible to discuss this. I would say one and she would say state another. Either we had to "argue" or agree to disagree on what could have taken place. All of this is done with intent.......from those who orchastrate the news, or maybe even the event itself.

I lived my entire life as a gullible and easy mislead person. I am [was] an empath. At the time I also considered myself a christian.

But I've grown up after 60 years. When I actually asked myself what I believed and why........I was in for a rude awakening. The evidence for what I believed didn't exist. I was left with only my emotions to guide me and like I said, I was empathetic to an extreme.

All I want is the truth. This is something that seems to allude even the best detectives. I'm no longer an empath. Once I realized that it was my emotions that allowed me to be gullible, I began to stop the automatic knee jerk reaction and began to actually THINK.