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2012: Mayan Prophecy...Movie on Netflix

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United States
12/17/2012 08:22 PM
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2012: Mayan Prophecy...Movie on Netflix
I just watched this on Netflix (there is another one on there not as good imo) but this one was made in 2009 so I suppose many have watched it. I liked how much it went into and all in just a little over an hour long. Has stuff on so many areas. One thing that kinda blew my mind was towards the last it is mentioned about how maybe the (3 days of "darkness" might be like a Global OBE type thing...or something along those lines and it reminded me of the one show they had on about a year ago where everyone on the planet blanks (passes out) for a few minutes and they see different things....of course some Bad things happen because they are out but it was really crazy as he in this movie said that just real quick amongst so much other stuff and since then that show was made. Today has been full of alot of stuff to digest for me really cool (much more than just this video but alot of things are falling into a better line for me. I think the MAIN thing is for us NOT to be freaked out afraid or angry right now but be open and thinking positively.