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Has anyone known a victim of a mass shooting?

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United States
12/17/2012 10:38 PM
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Has anyone known a victim of a mass shooting?
I know there's been a lot of speculation about the possibility of the victims in the latest shooting not really being dead so I've been trying to remember if that's been a common theory here for all of the mass shooting. It seems there are enough of us here that some of us are bound to have been affected personally by these tragedies. I personally believe that there may be a lot of conspiracy involved in these shootings in terms of the shooters and coverage, but I believe the victims are real.

I knew one of the women, Maggie Webb, killed in the Von Maur shooting from a few years ago. She worked with one of my best friends at the store in my town before transferring to Nebraska. She came to an Oscar party at my house one year. I can vouch for the fact that she was a real person and really did lose her life in that tragedy.
Gratia Plena

User ID: 1220977
United States
12/17/2012 10:45 PM
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Re: Has anyone known a victim of a mass shooting?
I have never personally known or even known anybody who knew a victim of a mass or even random shooting or any sort of violence. But I appreciate you sharing that you knew a REAL victim, not some actor or made up name on a piece of paper.

All these poor people want is for their children to not be forgotten. It breaks my heart to read people claiming that they never even existed let alone deserve to be remembered.

A dear friend of mine lost a 5-year-old daughter to drowning 11 years ago. She still talks about her constantly and wants to share her daughter's story all the time.

These were real people, and their families are experiencing real grief. It is just so sad to me that people here are saying these poor children never lived, never breathed, were never the light of someone's life. If there is a conspiracy here, it's far more likely to me that these children were victims of more than just one madman. Those children could have been any of us. Victims of the government? Pharmaceutical industry? MKULTRA? Who knows. But don't make the victims into the bad guys. They are us.

I don't know. The whole thing is just very sensitive to me.