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Has Israel finally solved the illegal Muslim invasion problem?


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12/18/2012 05:33 AM
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Re: Has Israel finally solved the illegal Muslim invasion problem?
Judges 18

dg 18:25 And the sons of Dan say unto him, `Let not thy voice be heard with us, lest men bitter in soul fall upon you, and thou hast gathered thy life, and the life of thy household;'
Jdg 18:26 and the sons of Dan go on their way, and Micah seeth that they are stronger than he, and turneth, and goeth back unto his house.

Jdg 18:27 And they have taken that which Micah had made, and the priest whom he had, and come in against Laish, against a people quiet and confident, and smite them by the mouth of the sword, and the city have burnt with fire,
Jdg 18:28 and there is no deliverer, for it is far off from Zidon, and they have no word with any man, and it is in the valley which is by Beth-Rehob; and they build the city, and dwell in it,
Jdg 18:29 and call the name of the city Dan, by the name of Dan their father, who was born to Israel; and yet Laish is the name of the city at the first.
Jdg 18:30 And the sons of Dan raise up for themselves the graven image, and Jonathan son of Gershom, son of Manasseh, he and his sons have been priests to the tribe of the Danite, till the day of the removal of the people of the land.
Jdg 18:31 And they appoint for them the graven image of Micah, which he had made, all the days of the house of God being in Shiloh.

The tribe of Dan is in rebellion against Yehovah, thus the sacking of Laish.

Out of context quote here.
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