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Doom-paralysis. I'm getting too scared to work, eat or sleep!

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 30128606
United States
12/18/2012 04:51 AM
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Doom-paralysis. I'm getting too scared to work, eat or sleep!
It's only a few days until 21st and I'm haunted by the idea of the imminent doomsday. What's going to happen to us? Polar shift and total devastation as the Earth spins rapidly around? Annunaki returning to harvest us? Asteroid impact or other ELE of geological origin? Ascension and I'll be left behind on 3D Hell Earth? Jesus returns and finds me unworthy, because I don't believe in God, smoke weed, drink and have had lots of casual sex?

I'm convinced that something incredibly bad will happen and in a few days I'll be in horrific pain and fear. I can feel it in the air and in the mood of other people. Everybody is so angry, scared and full of hate. Something's coming and it's going to end all.

I thought about abandoning my job (what's the point in quitting formally if the world's going to end?), selling everything I own and retiring on the coast to engage in full-time drinking and weed smoking while waiting for the end. But I'm too much of a wuss to do even that. I'm just sitting here, paralyzed with fear and unable to do anything except read more doom on GLP.