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Proof the Nostradamus / Psy Gangnam Style Prophecy is a HOAX.

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United States
12/18/2012 09:45 AM
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Proof the Nostradamus / Psy Gangnam Style Prophecy is a HOAX.
For those of you that have seen the very cleverly (and convincing) video spreading all over the net about a prophecy by Nostradamus allegedly made that precisely fits the approaching 1 billion views of Psy's Gangnam Style video, you can rest assured it is completely FAKE.

Anyone can search Nostradamus' works very quickly and see for themselves that he never wrote anything about morning calm, nine circles, etc.

See for yourself.

Scribd.com has the full text works of Nostradamus here:

[link to www.scribd.com]

When it opens, hold down the control key on your keyboard and then hit the letter F. This will open a search function. In the search box, enter the keywords one at a time, such as "dancing". Hit the search button in the box. At the bottom of the box you will see a list of each entry found for the given keyword. Click on each entry one at a time and the text will immediately scroll to that keyword entry (if the entry happens to fall behind the search box, simply click on the scroll down arrow to the far right of the browser screen).

Continue doing this for all the main keywords in the hoaxed prophecy:


You will discover that Nostradamus never wrote anything even remotely close to this hoaxed quote.

But I have to admit, it was exciting at first, wasn't it?