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Countdown to doomsday pt. 15 -communications-

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United States
12/18/2012 11:31 AM
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Countdown to doomsday pt. 15 -communications-

No doubt long range communication will not be what it was before. No cell phones, and probably no internet. There will still be battery powered radio, at least until we run out of batteries. This will be the biggest cange we make.
I like many others, I am very used to having my smart phone. It is great that a person can hold in their hand a device that knows almost everything. If you wanna know something, just google it from your mobile device. However this will probably cease on friday.

In the post 2012 world communications may be something you want to avoid. Lack of communication may be a good thing. It may keep you hidden from those who you don't want to find you. The clan and I will be in commnuications blackout by choice for a long time. We will not attempt any communications until it is neccessary.

The time is near.
leading after the downfall