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Message Subject Something's Definitely "OFF" Here... Sandy Hook Victim's Father caught "ACTING". WTF!
Poster Handle um
Post Content
I did laugh when someone died when someone brought up the happy times.

But then again, no one offered proof of what was said.

You guys would be untrustworthy in a school of higher education or a court of law. Condemning someone without further evidence.

I guarantee no one on this post, other than myself went to college.

what does college have to do with it?

i went to college.

the guy is acting. bottom line. if i lost someone dear to me i would not be laughing yo, holy shit!

i wouldn't have to read off something either!

if i lost someone dear to me, especially if my 6 yr old daughter/sons life was cut short!!!!!!!!

holy crap man!

it sickens me, the assholes responsible for this, they sicken me.

as if all the other evidence showing this was a staged event doesn't make someone say hey wait a minute, there is THIS video that just blows the lid off the bottle, the bottle they tried to keep locked tight, but did a horrible job, i have a feeling they wanted us to figure it out, they aren't that stupid, they wanted us to see they are up to something, i think something big is coming folks. and they are just laughing their asses off right now.
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