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Message Subject Something's Definitely "OFF" Here... Sandy Hook Victim's Father caught "ACTING". WTF!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I did laugh when someone died when someone brought up the happy times.

But then again, no one offered proof of what was said.

You guys would be untrustworthy in a school of higher education or a court of law. Condemning someone without further evidence.

I guarantee no one on this post, other than myself went to college.

what does college have to do with it?

i went to college.

the guy is acting. bottom line. if i lost someone dear to me i would not be laughing yo, holy shit!

i wouldn't have to read off something either!

if i lost someone dear to me, especially if my 6 yr old daughter/sons life was cut short!!!!!!!!

holy crap man!

it sickens me, the assholes responsible for this, they sicken me.

as if all the other evidence showing this was a staged event doesn't make someone say hey wait a minute, there is THIS video that just blows the lid off the bottle, the bottle they tried to keep locked tight, but did a horrible job, i have a feeling they wanted us to figure it out, they aren't that stupid, they wanted us to see they are up to something, i think something big is coming folks. and they are just laughing their asses off right now.
 Quoting: um 28643574

Your grammar sucks. You went to college and dropped out.
You have to provide a thesis on why this would be done and what the agenda is. You also have to bring up a thesis on comparable events and gather evidence.

I've challenged you all and no one has been able to take me up on my challenge.

Provide me one reason why this would be done and what it would accomplish and why could it not be real. You'd also have to provide the argument that people aren't as wicked after all to kill someone. You'd have to question every other mass shooting in history and probaly even question if WW2 was real or not.
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