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Message Subject Something's Definitely "OFF" Here... Sandy Hook Victim's Father caught "ACTING". WTF!
Poster Handle ctruth333
Post Content
One time upon bad news, I was laughing/crying. Someone made a joke about how funny the deceased person used to be and the good times we used to have. It was an elderly person though that we laughed over in our remembrance, not a child.

I dunno, I cant fully judge until I know what he had laughed about or what was being said.

That is the responsible thing to do , to know the context of the situation...

Found my father dead in the garage the day before I turned 15-Love him with all of my heart and soul. For me and my family, it was an intense tragedy. At the funeral, I was sitting with a few of my friends and we were talking about the many great memories with my Dad. He was a fun-loving, cheerful kind of guy who always engaged with my friends. At the funeral, some people off in the distance saw me smile briefly during the conversation. Shortly thereafter, certain awful comments made from them about me got back to me and it was shockingly horrible. I was in such deep pain; so bad that I asked for God to please take my life on many a sleepless night. Any smile or brief laugh in response to something someone said or did felt like a strained experience. When you are in this kind of pain, there is no escape. It hovers over you like thick air making you feel like you’re gasping to even continue living. I deeply relate with what people go through when they lose someone they love. It hurts more than words can express.

In this drama filled culture there is the automatic tendency to judge and/or act before the true context is understood. Moreover, to judge a father who is mourning the tragic loss of his daughter is despicable behavior and a shameful act, to say the very least.

Send love. Send healing thoughts and prayers filled with compassion to the people experiencing intense suffering grief in their hearts. Pray that their hearts be lifted into the light of understanding so that they may be released from the pain and smile in the memories they have had with their precious loved ones.

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