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Message Subject Something's Definitely "OFF" Here... Sandy Hook Victim's Father caught "ACTING". WTF!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
It's a terribly constructed made for TV drama exercise with all the fixin`z - some dead kids, horror, flashing lights and blaring sirens, tough guy cops, quaint quiet towns, tragedy, guns, the lone nut gunman - everything the emotionally retarded American masses flock around like flies on shit. Never once do they even stop to ask if what they're being shown is what actually happened - or if it even happened at all. The most basic characteristics of human thinking and evaluation are not present in most Americans. If it's on the TV and the 'authorities' say it happened and happened like this, well golly gee, it must be real and true.

Americans are the perfect slaves - fit only for slaughter as they line up for it.

The epic liar in the video is a snapshot of what most Americans actually are - full of utter and complete shit.
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