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Message Subject Something's Definitely "OFF" Here... Sandy Hook Victim's Father caught "ACTING". WTF!
Poster Handle Daniel of the Rose
Post Content
One time upon bad news, I was laughing/crying. Someone made a joke about how funny the deceased person used to be and the good times we used to have. It was an elderly person though that we laughed over in our remembrance, not a child.

I dunno, I cant fully judge until I know what he had laughed about or what was being said.

That is the responsible thing to do , to know the context of the situation...

It's true. Sometimes in the days following a death you have cried so much you can barely squeeze out another tear and are grateful for anyone saying something humorous to take your mind off of it for a second. I think this is a very strategically short clip to make him look bad. I saw another speech and he looks like he's devastated, like any parent would be. The last minute of his speech looks like he's truly upset, he just makes a different face than most people do. He's probably on medications, I know I would be.
Don't you think it's pretty fucked up to target a parent of one of these victims and spin it into a conspiracy about the parents being in on it???

[link to foxnewsinsider.com]
 Quoting: strawberrymittens 29070736

let me guess you work for the media...

you give yourself away...

with "...I know I would be"

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