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Message Subject Something's Definitely "OFF" Here... Sandy Hook Victim's Father caught "ACTING". WTF!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The father has years of photos on their facebook page.

They would have to have been working on this for at least 3 years if he doesnt really have Emilie as a daughter.

His wifes facebook page has the pics. Its open to public.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 20810582

Husband's facebook page is worth discussion. My impression is that it looks thrown together in a hurry, and it says he lives in Danbury. If he lives in Danbury, which is 15 miles away from Newtown let alone Sandy Hook which is on the east side of Newtown, he would normally have his kids in the Danbury school district rather than Sandy Hook.

Some of the photos are odd. One of the first ones has a middle name something like Anfedamine. I've never heard of a name like that, all I can think of is "amphetamine" i.e. uppers. I just imagine them furiously pasting this thing together after the Portland mall shooting fizzled and slapping it up there ...

I'd be interested in what others think.
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