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Message Subject Something's Definitely "OFF" Here... Sandy Hook Victim's Father caught "ACTING". WTF!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Ok, I haven't seen anyone mention this yet (been lurking glp 4 a couple days now). I tried 2 link 2 a pic of the lodge, school n all but couldn't get it hosted, n e way if u go to this link (www.hiramlodge18.org/index.php/directions.html) or just type in Hiram Lodge Temple- 3 Washington Avenue, Sandy Hook and you will see that the Lodge is located about a minutes walk from the school, BEHIND the woods/trees where 1 of the shoote...i mean men was apprehended ; )
Just thought it was very interesting...also wasn't Robbie Parker a Mormon? (Mormon founder Joseph Smith was a Freemason, not 2 mention the similarities between them- ceremonies etc.. just look into Mormons and Masons)I have a couple theories but will not impose them on you, just pointing out a fact.
(if sum 1 can put this image up with arrows 4 the school, lodge and one around about where the man was apprehended, it would be great. Its easy 2 confirm thru readily available chopper footage that the man is running thru the woods/trees RIGHT near the Lodge and not in the trees on the opposite side of the school)
>Don't Just Look At It...Look Into It<

(yea i did a new thread on this but thought more ppl would c here....and no am not signed up so don't want n e "browny points")

p.s - Love ur work SALT ; )
 Quoting: >>KiLLUMiNATi<< 18311386

holy fucking shite.

we are in a whole lot of trouble, folks.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 20559344

I think it's good news if true!

I'd rather they stage a psyop rather than killing a lot of real children.

An added bonus is the opportunity to debunk the psyop by perceptive examination, and then use the facts to frustrate the intended agenda. :)
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