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Message Subject The Rose and the Cross
Poster Handle pi
Post Content
I see. Well hopefully I have proven that I belong to this order, ther I like it or not.
 Quoting: Rochelle

Ok, I'm confused again now... "this order"?
 Quoting: pi 20063747

maybe she thinks the templars, but it's not about templars ..it's just about good polarity or bad. that's it.

 Quoting: Perseus7

No it is an order. AMORC. You posess a cross that is an actual gift from them.
 Quoting: Rochelle




When I see 'initiation'... I think 'gnostic meditation'. And the "spirit wedding", and all the two-spirit bonding processes and rituals (blood, fire, amrita) I (...we) went through this year. It IS intense, and very long lived. But I'm not sure if you and I mean the same thing, Rochelle.

But on another note, Perseus I am starting to wonder exactly how many of these "secret society" occultist-type deals fit the lightworker mentality like a glove. Have you noticed this?
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