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Message Subject Jennifer Greenberg Sexton and Husband exposed on fake Sandy hook shooting
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Yes, those are definitely the same people. And something is horribly fishy. However, my question..Is there any proof (other then wellaware - I agree with maybe like 30% of his comparisons) that these people are greenbergs? I've been kind of immersed in this Sandy Hook cover-up thing for 4 days now and with all the fake crying, and no photos, no bodies..everything is fucked. This seems like it could be the smoking gun, but I cant find any info on this family other then wellawares million photos just saying they are the greenberg family (where did all these family photos come from anyway?)..but how does that exactly prove they are greenbergs other then him saying they are? And yes, there is a photo with the man he says is Maurice Greenberg, but again, I don't see any REAL proof of that man actually being Maurice Greenberg either.

I'm not saying its wrong, I'd just like a little more A to B proof. There is definitely a conspiracy going on, I just can't figure it all out.
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