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Message Subject Jennifer Greenberg Sexton and Husband exposed on fake Sandy hook shooting
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Oh for christs sake well aware was debunked ages ago. Ed chiarini is an alias! He's a freaking Greenberg!
This is all photo shopped disinfo. I have relatives who know these people u are saying are actors and they are heartbroken by the abuse and lies being thrown out everywhere! They are real people who lost their children.
You all should be ashamed of yourselves..
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 13414879

Thread: Jennifer Jade Jones aka Morningmayan EXPOSED!


dallasgoldbug is just another lying scumbag convict. He was arrested in 2008 for auto theft and then there is this beauty
[link to www.bustedmugshots.com]

What a piece of shit! He even went to victims families homes and tried to force his way in, demanding pictures for proof!

[link to www.nytimes.com]

And he is signed up with Architects and Engineers for 911 truth
[link to www2.ae911truth.org]

He was accepted in there because he falsified credentials.

His bio is full of clues....worked for Exxon/Mobil and Halliburton

Edward Louis Chiarini is a lowlife scumbag piece of shit government agent and cointelpro!

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