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Message Subject Jennifer Greenberg Sexton and Husband exposed on fake Sandy hook shooting
Poster Handle waitingforthetruth
Post Content
Some of what this guy says seems off the wall, but not all of it. You should check out this
[link to thepopulist.net]

especially the video that Giffords resigned after it was released, she does appear to be Rebecca Joy. And the Occupy wallstreet video also did look like it had been staged.

Also, as for this Greenberg family. If those were pictures of my family and they were all over the internet about being behind these shootings, and we were innocent, I would certainly come out and say so. I haven't been able to locate any of those people coming out and saying wait a minute, that is me and my family and we are not what this man is claiming. here is some proof......no don't see that anywhere. The whole thing does seem to stink to the high heaven.
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