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Consolidation of GATE program facts

User ID: 28353298
United States
12/19/2012 02:17 AM
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Consolidation of GATE program facts
This is a thread which shall attempt to consolidate know 'facts' about the GATE program. This is what I could come up with by reading though the original post/searching online for a bit. Add in what you can remember!nospam

Intelligence Tests:



IQ tests (multiple battery,)

Aptitude Tests (esp. military?)ouncsam

Learning style test (?)

Speed/Critical Information Reading training (upwards of 10,000 pages per week with acceptable absorption of key information {&#8776;15%} becomes possible [<?though unlikely?>],)

Psychological Tests:

Learning style test (x)

Behavior (at play, in class, at home, & alone vs. w/ peers [x],)

^Leadership/Obedience (x)

Physical Tests::shark:

Auditory tests (multiple,)***SEE BOTTOM OF POST

Blood work (mandatory for school,)

^Thyroid Hormones (T3/T4 cell levels post- 1990's [?],)

Visual Acuity (via spatial reasoning,)

Heart rate (post- 1990's [?],)

^Estimated Maximal Work Load (The projected amount of physical work your body is able to perform based on your heart rate,)

BMI (Body Mass Index, post- 2000's [?],)

Caloric Consumption (post- 1990's [?],)

Metabolic Rate (post- 1990's [?],)

Bio-Metric Data (Spine, Skull, Fingerprints, Facial, Height, Weight, [Iris?],)

Books Used {Nationally}::propoganda:

James and the Giant Peach (Magic/Occult, Escapism,)

The Chronicles of Narnia (Magic/Occult, Genealogy,
The Hobbit (Magic/Occult, Political Commentary, Christian Symbolism,)

^ The LOTR {series} (Magic/Occult, Political Commentary, Christian Symbolism, [Summer/Discontinued?],)

DragonSong {series} (Occult, Pro-Feminism, [Discontinued post- 2000's/female only {?}],)

Dragons in the Cliffs (Occult, Pro-Feminism, [Discontinued post-2000's/female only {?}],

A Wrinkle in Time (Quantum Physics, Extra-Terrestrial Life, Morality, Escapism,)

^A Wind in the Door (Quantum Physics, Extra-Terrestrial Life, Morality, Escapism, cont.,)

^Many Waters (Quantum Physics, Extra-Terrestrial Life, Christian Symbolism, Morality, Escapism, cont. [?],)

^A Swiftly Tilting Planet (Quantum Physics, Extra-Terrestrial Life, Morality, Escapism, cont.,)

The Phantom Tollbooth (Quantum Physics, Escapism, [intermittent/discontinued?],)

The Giver (Matrix-esque dystopian parable [?],)

^Gathering Blue (Matrix-esque dystopian parable [?],)

Scorpions (Crime/Gang Violence [?],)

The Gifted Kids' Survival Guide (Psychological Indoctrination/Survey, [post- 1990 {?}],)

Black Beauty (Morality/Compassion,)

Oz Series (Political Commentary,)

Charlotte's Web (!SPIDERS!,)

The Hot Zone (Viruses, EBOLA, [summer/discontinued/experimental {?}],)

The Robot Zoo (Biological systems presented as robots [post- 1990's],)

The Hardy Boys Series (Indoctrination {Americana}, [Summer/Discontinued/Male only {?}],)

My Side of the Mountain (Indoctrination {Americana}, Self-sufficiency, [Discontinued/Male only {?}],)


^^ Also, 'private' schools have a pipeline of books for 'gifted' students with similar themes for each grade level (morality=>morality, quantum physics=>quantum physics,) with HEAVY Christian influences (protagonists are members of Biblical bloodlines, constant references to to the Elohim as if they are real bloodlines, demons as actual metaphysical entities/entities reincarnated into corporal bodies, etc.)pope2

English Cultivation:



*^SELF REPORTED GATE STUDENTS IN 99th PERCENTILE BRACKET = &#8776;300% (records are unreliable,)

Foreign Language Cultivation:

Public Pipeline-
1st Foreign Language = 5th grade,
2nd Foreign Language = 9th grade,
3rd Foreign Language = 11th grade [if elected],

-compared to-

Christian/(?Private?) Pipeline-
Latin = 4th/5th grade (proficiency level/basic poetry,)
Elective + Latin = 6th grade (proficiency level & poetry composition,)
New Elective/Elective + Latin = 9th grade (Proficiency, poetry composition, & poetry composition/mastery,)
New Elective/Elective/Elective + Latin = 11th grade (Proficiency, poetry composition, mastery & mastery,)

Math Skills:

Public Pipeline- Algebra I = 6th grade [?]
Calculators & show-work [y]

-compared to-

Christian/?Private? Pipeline- Algebra II & Geometry = 5th grade [?]
Calculators & show-work [n]

^^& Calculus by 12th grade for both (?)


*^SELF REPORTED GATE STUDENTS IN 99th PERCENTILE BRACKET = &#8776;223% (records are unreliable,)iamwith

Computer Skillstantrum

Fundamentals = 1st grade,

Basic Programming = (<?3rd Grade?> [post 1980's?],)

Miscellaneous Skills:

Art? (Creative tendencies seem common,)

Sports? (No-one brought this up?)

Trolling Online Conspiracy Forums? (Possibly something we all have in common,)

Getting Abducted? (by little green men? Guys in suits? Cougars? Loan Sharks?)

Not really getting anywhere in life (If we were so smart, why aren't we all rich?)wtf

^Possibly being blacklisted/kept track of? (if you're the paranoid type...)obigbro

***|Regarding Auditory Tests|***lala

Many though not all students, OP included, recall these as possible/definite "Psychic Tests", bsflag

1.) The subject is isolated in a room,
2.) The subject wears noise-proof headphones/goggles,
3.) The student hears things on the headphones and is expected to perform a test.
4.) Some students report that the tests involved cards to a certain extent,
5.) Some students report using touch-screens/virtual display equipment (that encompasses the head,)

-Normal auditory tests are delivered to a group, not individually & involve only pressing a button when a perceived queue is delivered.

-Remote viewing test is possible (student is asked what object the test administrator is holding,)

-Prediction via Zener Card test is possible (student is asked to predict a sequence of cards,)

-Telekinesis test is possible (student is asked to tune/de-tune a television with no physical contact, Student is asked to move/extinguish a flame with no physical contact/movement, etc.)
^Such tests would be of greater likelihood than "spoon-bending" tests (military applications for electronics interference > messed up cutlery [wave/particle/chemical reaction modification],).agent

These tests could also be used to reinforce triggers/cultivate sub-populations of the GATE students at regular intervals.whitevan
30030895 (OP)
User ID: 28353298
United States
12/19/2012 02:23 AM
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Re: Consolidation of GATE program facts
The Following areas require more info:

Science: Acceleration, dual enrollment, advanced placement, strength accommodations for challenge in
the regular classroom.

Creativity: Internship programs, community outreach for mentors, accommodations for open- ended
learning opportunities in the regular classroom.

Leadership: In district and out of district activities for development of leadership skills, community
outreach mentors, accommodations for leadership activities in the regular classroom.

Performing Arts/Music/Visual Arts: Community outreach and programs for the performing arts,
independent study in the arts classroom, community and school mentorship programs, accommodations
for the arts in the regular classroom.

General Cognition: In district and out of district activities, acceleration, advanced placement, community
outreach and mentorship programs, accommodations for acceleration in the regular classroom.
User ID: 12411641
United States
12/19/2012 04:55 AM
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Re: Consolidation of GATE program facts
Language cultivation

First foreign language--pre-K or kindergarten; possible DoD school.

Second foreign language at 7th. Latin came available in high school for gate and non-gate.

Foreign travel as well, run and monitored through school. Not exchange program.

Physical tests:

Numerous papers on EEG and biofeedback tests being run on gifted children available online to view as abstract through google.

Also reaction speed tests.

Bump caloric consumption into the 80's.

Intelligence Testing:

I have a copy of one of my test results stolen from the school. Testing was for normal subject types (language use, reading, mathematics, social studies) but also included two test results not normally found in state testing (may be now due to NCLB): Referencing and Educational Ability. Referencing was described on the test as being able to locate information (cross-referencing). Unfortunately, test was unnamed on the document. Parents did not receive a copy. As I said, was pilfered from the gifted teacher's desk.

Lowest score was 87 in social studies. Majority of scores were in the 90's. In multiple subjects, including educational ability and referencing, scoring at the 98 to 99th percentile respectively and each with a stanine of 9. Also have a physical copy of 6th grade CAT state testing result that indicates multiple 99th percentiles (particularly in language and reading).

Spatial Test Battery (Hopkins has an example)

Currently being used: Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test, usually at grade 3.

Multidimensional puzzles (internally interlocking pieces) and logic elimination grids.

Miscellaneous skills:

Tendency towards trending and following information flows.

Parapsychological testing would most likely have been in the 60's through 80's if it occured. See the Gifted Child Quarterly. Gifted curriculum from 80's introduced occult subject matters and had students make their own deck of Zener cards.
User ID: 30030895
United States
12/20/2012 05:48 AM
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Re: Consolidation of GATE program facts
^Thank you.

The electrical monitoring/tests likely has a direct correlation to possible paranormal tests as well. But who knows? The following is a link, though I don't know how accurate or precise the information is:

[link to www.peaknt.com]

It is worth mentioning that as MRI's became more "affordable" they likely became much more common as well. Some readers may remember being injected with the dye used for the MRI... a feeling of warmness may be a common experience. I know of know such published studies, if such things are declassified, links would be appreciated.

Being paid via federal government agency cheque for sitting through the tests in high school was a psychological ploy; I do not know what year that started in, nor who/what agency wrote the cheques. It wasn't the dept. of education...

Previous posters remembered being required to make a spaceship as a combined math/science project, this project seems to be nation-wide... not nesc. unique to the GATE program.
*note* that just as you stole those records from off your teachers desk, your teacher probably "stole" some of your work as well; any papers being written by researchers would require original works for reference, from which copies would be made.

Some users (possible shills/trolls,) mentioned "remembering to forget" as a "hint": while probably just some troll, this actually is a psychological tool... not the phrase itself but the word choice; positive reinforcement of trigger words have a higher efficacy rate than using negatives, e.g. Saying "Don't sleep in," is less effective than saying "Remember to wake up early." This phenomena is used widely in the behavioral modification/development field.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 30395004
12/20/2012 05:49 AM
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Re: Consolidation of GATE program facts
Good, I was hoping someone would summarise that thread.
User ID: 30030895
United States
12/22/2012 09:54 PM
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Re: Consolidation of GATE program facts
It has occurred to me that students were possibly used for DARPA's accelerated learning program.

An excerpt of key language: "neuroscience-based noninvasive strategies with potential to dramatically accelerate transition from novice to expert in key military tasks"

Link to DARPA site

[link to www.darpa.mil]

Additionally as of 2006, the WHO has an interest in testing effects of radio-frequencies on cognition. (remember that "gifted" students have anomalous bio-electrical activities.)

"acute effects on cognition and EEGs should
also be investigated in children exposed to RF fields in the laboratory."

[link to whqlibdoc.who.int]

While I doubt that this is actually the case, stranger things are true. It would make sense to use funds efficiently and bundle projects. Of course, compartmentalization of information is also important.


If one was to look at what researchers @ universities were working on... who knows?


I forgot to mention some other things:

* Bright - 115 and above /they all finished college and have kids.
* Gifted - 130 and above /they all finished college.
* Highly gifted - 145 and above /didn't know anyone in this range.
* Exceptionally gifted -160 and above /most of these guys are unemployed but finished college, in relationships.
* Profoundly gifted - 175 and above /unemployed.

This is taken from a link from the thread the shills have taken over, it seems unspecific enough but is good for thought... mainly about successful social integration at higher intelligence levels:

[link to pespmc1.vub.ac.be]

(you might not have been told your results if they were deemed to be "too high"/they'd cause a psychological change.)

GATE students were less than .02% of the student population. If we were a species we'd practically be extinct.
User ID: 30030895
United States
12/31/2012 07:10 AM
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Re: Consolidation of GATE program facts
Well, is there anything to add?

To end my posting, I think that looking at the learning curve of the students involved in the program vs. that of "average" students is quite telling; what would take others days, weeks, months, or years to understand/integrate took us a matter of minutes or hours. Skills that have been unused for a decade or more can be recalled with ease for us.

It is a shame that the program was never able to, truly, cater to us. Perhaps it was the system, the politicians, the school board, the school, the teachers, the books, or our peers... we were a group that could learn languages in a month, read text books in a day and understand how to apply the knowledge, we had a pool of potential that will most likely never be tapped for some time.

Alright, I'm done trolling :P
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 31183314
12/31/2012 07:21 AM
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Re: Consolidation of GATE program facts
Must state that programs in other countries may have had a different criteria.
here;zener cards,rv picture cards mid 70's-80's

also have come across some info relating to certain type creative individuals having a slightly differnt magnetic field in right hemisphere.
Relation to these programs is loose, although one neuroscience research did get naval funding to research something to do with with magnetic fields(etc)
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 31183314
12/31/2012 07:26 AM
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Re: Consolidation of GATE program facts
oh joy.
happy fucking new year to you too.
see above for my gift^^
happy trolls OP
User ID: 30030895
United States
01/02/2013 04:20 PM
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Re: Consolidation of GATE program facts
Use of things like the Khan Academy are a very immediate way to view a learning curve/learning habits. It is free.

Candles were used for hypnosis... "candle talks" anyone remember them?
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 25771106
01/02/2013 04:39 PM
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Re: Consolidation of GATE program facts
I was in the Canadian equivalent in the late 70's to the early 80's. At that time it was the first of it's kind in Canada.

From what I recall, here are some of the characteristics of our program:

Computers - especially programming, basic, Cobol, machine language, etc.

Discussion - specifically world events

Travel - extensive, usually 35% - 50% of the curriculum

Knowledge transfer - encouragement of students to pass on skill sets to other students

Isolation - program was held outside of our normal school, 1 day a week, for years.

Independence - promoted independent thought and actions

Media - Participation in creation of tv programs with state of the art av equipment

Information super highway - a lot of discussion about this, prior to the internet( circa 1981), including possible future uses, etc.

Respect - we received a lot of respect from all the adults in the program, in fact sometimes it seemed they were in awe of us.

99th percentile - majority of the class, if not all. they also freely shared our confidential student records with us.

Leadership - they attempted to develop this, worked well for some, hellish for others due to their overwhelming shyness.

treatment - as equals to the teacher and as adults almost.

It was more of a mentoring relationship than a teacher student relationship.