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taking the bait..............check this out.

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12/19/2012 03:22 AM
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taking the bait..............check this out.
had a phone call come in today (12-18-12) and it went something like this. I pick up the phone and first heard a man telling someone there that 'friday is the end of the world'. starting asking me if I would voice my thoughts about medicare cuts and all. I said to him that the world is NOT going to end friday and he insisted that is was. then he mentioned about if so 'killing people'. that did it for me. I corrected him and told him that he should not be saying it over the phone or to anywhere else for that matter. he said he was sorry and understood. asked me if I would make a comment on a voice mail box of john tester (senate-MT). I had no problem with doing so and I did. I said cut back the making of tanks and bombs and give the money to the elderly (who very much so need it). I had my grandma screaming at me to get off cause she said they will come to the door (89 year old) she has been watching the news too much lately. I bounced the number back with caller ID (847-888-8888) and I googled it and left a comment on a page about it. too freaky for me. it was to me a 'BAIT' call. never again. then tonight youtube yanks down 100,000 of my views from the total views? google sjkflm go to you tube and look. stay safe friends cause its getting to crazy & extreme...........