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You fucking libtards TELL ME...

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 30216865
United States
12/19/2012 03:46 AM
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You fucking libtards TELL ME...
Who's going to defend old ladies, old men, women, small guys, the disabled, or even big strong guys, etc... from criminals (who WILL have weapons) if guns were removed from law-abiding people?

The police?

I sure as hell hope you aren't stupid enough to believe THAT.

You idiots are trying to create a living hell on earth. Because if you have it YOUR way, there will be a police officers or soldiers looking up every ass with a microscope, and half of your neighbors living lives as snitches against the other half, until THEIR number comes up too.

You fucking idiots just don't learn. 260 MILLION people last century, and you dumb motherfuckers STILL don't learn.