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Message Subject The Danish side of the Cartoon Crisis
Poster Handle Sol Invictus
Post Content
I think that's a true assessemnt as far as it goes, SHR, but what's almost never mentioned is the fact that Danes are feeling "defensive" about the demands of our muslim community. In a sense, some muslim forces in Denmark (influenced or led by radical imams) pushed, and when we pushed back, they well... you know the rest :P

Right now though, most people mention the "mohammed with a bomb in his turban" when asked... so of course, that's offensive enough too. But to get the issue *started* with a highly influential Islamic Council in Egypt, they used the fake cartoons.

None of the original cartoons really "blasphemed" against Mohammed... at least, not by all definitions of the word. Getting raped by a dog though or beign portrayed as a pig, I imagine would have most muslim Imams take up the "fight to defend their prophet".

And Dilatoriness, you're wrong, like I told you the last time you posted that (if that was you). What's the point of offending Christians from a societal debate perspective? They're not telling anyone how to live their lives anymore, at least not in Denmark. Offending Christians is about a pointless as offending Eskimos in 21st century Denmark... it just comes across as mean-spirited.

Now if we suddenly got 300,000 Christian fundamentalist immigrants trying to change our society, you can bet that satirical cartoons *will* spring up all over the place to start a debate on the topic.
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