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Can anyone find the weird drugged girl from piers morgan?

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12/19/2012 04:23 AM
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Can anyone find the weird drugged girl from piers morgan?
Here is the transcript of the show [link to transcripts.cnn.com] but I'm looking for the video.

This is the interaction I wish to view:

" MORGAN: Well, it's a great point. And I wish you every success with that, Amanda. I can see that you're very distraught about this. If there is one thing you could say to people about guns, what would you say?

AMANDA MEDEK, SISTER OF AURORA VICTIM MICAYLA MEDEK: God, Piers, put me on the spot here. I'm absolutely against guns in any fashion. Hunt me some deer, but God, we don't need them on the streets in any fashion. "

Maybe she is drugged? Drunk? The whole time she looks like she is on the verge of passing out and then when she finally speaks she slurs her words then is cut short by Piers...a commercial break...when they come back she is gone.

The whole thing is kind of odd.