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United States
12/19/2012 04:34 AM
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STOP allowing CRIMINALS and TRAITORS to reduce, infringe upon, and/or eliminate your rights.


Isn't it ENOUGH that you no longer have ANY rights, ala NDAA?? And that soon you may have to defend GOD-GIVEN rights... "ILLEGALLY"?

The Powers That Suck are feverishly preparing for the events that THEY are orchestrating. They are prepping beyond your wildest dreams, and simultaneously DEMONIZING you, if you do anything to protect yourself and family.

They have bought BILLIONS of bullets over the last 5 years, for DOMESTIC USE. Do you understand that? And while they are DOING this (buying arms and thousands of bullet resistant checkpoint booths), we are continually being treated to this "random" rash of mass shootings, each one OBVIOUSLY intended to outdo the previous one. It could not be more obvious that they are going for MAXIMUM emotional effect.

And now, having ANY human emotion, categorizes you as "mentally ill". So basically ANYONE can be thrown into a mental hospital, AKA PRISON. All because you are rightfully concerned! This is what they did to Soviet people for decades! The killed them, or worked them to death in the Gulags!

If you are merely a veteran, believe in the constitution, a REAL conservative, a patriot, a "prepper" a "loner", or someone who simply thinks that this HUGE government is out of control, then you are soon to be proven RIGHT, on all counts, while simultaneously being vilified as a "terrorist".

If you listen to tyrants in power, or totally duped and clueless zombies in the private sector, then there's going to be more bloodshed and untold suffering in this country than you ever DREAMED of. If you keep trusting crooked politicians, with their stellar track record of showing how much they actually care about you... If you keep listening to the heart string tugging from clueless retards that don't have ANY knowledge of history, and ZERO common sense, then you are going to force the rest of us to pay the price, along with you and your ignorance.

It's perfectly OK with me, if fools and zombies want to commit suicide. But STOP trying to take down the good, decent, vigilant, and CONCERNED people with you! You're just like the killer in Connecticut. A stupid ASSHOLE, who wants to take as many good, innocent people with him, as possible.