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Message Subject Strange little EarthQuake SWARM in Nevada ongoing
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Check this out. Go to [link to quakes.globalincidentmap.com]

Slowly zoom in on swarm area, as well as look east from there, until you see the air field. (You must look in Hybrid View/Satellite ..... Let me know what you see in those stills at that airstrip.
 Quoting: Zaphenath-Paneah

You got me.

Not sure. What do you see?
 Quoting: Madigan

From where the current EQ swarm is...head east a few hundred miles look for the area that appears to be an airport. It is not. Is is not even paved. Yet there are attack aircraft staged all over the strip. Look around some more and you will see some unusual things. Namely the road into a cavern....
 Quoting: Zaphenath-Paneah

Yes, I see what you're talking about.

But I missed the road "to nowhere" the first time.

Very interesting.
 Quoting: Madigan

That is not a real shadow. Wouldn't make since! I am surprised how much you can zoom in on that though. Looks really out of place. Actually all of it does.
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