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Message Subject Come see live video of Jupiter (two-parter tonight)! 12-19-12 *Bastards shut down my broadcast!*
Poster Handle Dr. Astro
Post Content
Can you just disable chat I can only imagine the following gathering to cause you havok during this broadcast.

I for one am sick of the tard this and tard that, I just want the data and you are one of the few people around that will help other verify things that the avarerage person couldn't on thier own, thanks!
 Quoting: vind21

Thanks. Unfortunately I don't think I can just disable the chat outright. NSN is designed so that everyone can easily converse and collaborate. It's really like a constant online star party.

That's really the only way they'll be able to shut me down there, to try to post vile remarks on the chat since I'm responsible for the language that not only I use, but they as well. I'll try to be quick on the bannings. I'm not sure if I can deputize viewers or not, but I may deputize trusted posters if I can to help out. I think as long as it's clear that I'm actively policing the chat I'll be ok.
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