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A little Pittsburgh 2012 / portal chatter on local news today.

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12/19/2012 08:14 PM
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A little Pittsburgh 2012 / portal chatter on local news today.
Today local news aired a segment on Pittsburgh being the center of 2012. Never heard anything on the subject before so turned to Google. Is there anything to this?

[link to www.warriormatrix.com]

Why Is Pittsburgh So Central In These Prophesies And Evolutionary Shifts?

Our Pittsburgh history confirms that the Point Park area, where our three rivers converge, was a sacred site for tribal rituals of the Native Americans who inhabited this region. All indigenous cultures recognize the sacred power of any geographical area where three rivers merge. Our area is even more unique with the fourth, underground river (more accurately defined as an aquifer), that feeds the fountain, and empties into the Ohio River. The four rivers carry special significance regarding our area’s surprising connection to the origins of the Maya themselves as well as the Mayan 2012 prophesies.

Recent archeological studies conducted through the University of Pittsburgh (Adovasio, The First Americans) have confirmed that the Western Pennsylvania area of the Meadowcroft Rockshelter near Greater Pittsburgh is the area where the first Americans established themselves in permanent settlement over a 16,000-year period. These first Americans dated back to 15,000-19,000 B.C.E.

Tracking the migration of what appears to be their cultural footprints of sacred mound technology along the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers into the Yucatan, one witnesses the sacred mounds evolving into the mathematically sophisticated step-pyramids typical of the Maya. This evidence leads to an interesting conclusion. It appears that these first Americans, established in our Western Pennsylvania region, were the predecessors of the ancient Maya. If this conclusion is valid, this would link our Pittsburgh area with the Maya historically.

Returning to the significance of Pittsburgh’s converging rivers, several visionaries, healers, a Himalayan holy man, and the Dalai Lama himself have all confirmed that the Point where the rivers converge is indeed a sacred portal. Several of them have confirmed that this portal, or gateway, will soon be activated to bring forth pure universal light for our planet’s transformation.

Two of these visionaries, Nance and Frank, are from the Pittsburgh area. Together they do planetary healing and ascension work, to anchor into Earth the changes needed to facilitate our transition to the new age. According to their transmissions of guidance, “Pittsburgh IS the “Point of Light,” the key portal of twelve such portals on sacred sites across the Earth.” They explain that these portals are at locations in the earth’s landscape where a convergence of rivers, mountains or other geographical formations creates a mirror image of the sacred Mayan Universal World Tree, visible in the Milky Way. These Earth portals receive and transmit the holographic transmissions from the Universal World Tree at regular intervals.

In the Universal World tree within the Milky way, three rivers of stars flow in the same directions as Pittsburgh’s three rivers, and its starless area, called “the Dark Rift,” mirrors our forth, underground river. “That is what makes Pittsburgh’s portal the most accurate map of the Universal World Tree on the Earth,” Nance emphasizes. The Mayan Calendar has identified certain dates as breakthrough points, when new information from the Universal World Tree is transmitted to our Planetary World Tree. November 23, 2006 is such a significant date, which inaugurates the Mayan Fifth Day of our current creation cycle, known as the “Breakthrough to Light.” As the key portal, Pittsburgh’s Point is playing a powerful role during this period of the Mayan Fifth Day of our current cycle, disseminating new Light-transmitted information through the portal of our converging four rivers.

Nance further states that Pittsburgh’s spiritual purpose needed to be hidden until now, but by 2011-2012, Pittsburgh will be recognized globally as a spiritual powerhouse. She wants Pittsburghers to know that, “if you live in Pittsburgh, you are here for an important reason: to witness, nurture, and transmit the pure incoming light of this universal portal. Being aware of the legacy of our ancient landscape is crucial in the evolution of consciousness of this planet and our species at this time.”

Another visionary/ healer, Edemir Rossi from Brazil, echoes these insights. His perception is that Pittsburgh is an “alchemical city.” He sees the collective spiritual energy here, previously dormant, as now awakening and ready to ascend and transform the region from dense coal-consciousness into enlightened diamond-consciousness. A Himalayan holy man and Shri Vidya master from India, Babaji, recently visited Pittsburgh. His meditations, guidance and visions validated this assessment of the spiritual significance of our city and the importance of the Point.

Meanwhile, the contemporary Maya are keeping their count of days, marked in 20-day cycles, when Earth receives the progressive doses of cosmic information arriving through the “harmonic resonance” of divine transmission. Marker dates, such as November 23.2006 are meant to be celebrated. But the BIG date we are preparing for according to the Maya is December 21– the Solstice– of 2012. At that time, our sun will move into alignment with the heart of the Milky Way to create a cosmic cross, seen to be an embodiment of the World Tree. And our Earth will align with the center of the galaxy. It is this alignment, occurring once every 26,000 years, which is understood as opening the channel for a higher level of cosmic energy to flow to Earth, bringing us into an ascended consciousness.

By Vikki Hanchin, LSW