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Message Subject STRANGE THINGS in some of my photos!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Get a better camera dude you're getting reflections from your lense. The rest of it (UFO's) are pretty much impossible to speculate on because of the low resolution.
 Quoting: incognetius

The simple fact that I get banned every time I try to respond to someone should tell u something. I'm a female. Photos taken from my iPhone 5. Again, was never looking for anything. Just trying to take a pic of the nasty chemtrails above me. I them noticed strange things in my pics. Wanted to share. May be nothing. But I personally took the pics and KNOW there was no helicopter in any of my pics. Low quality? Sure. I'm not a photographer and took pics from my iPhone. But what a coincidence that a bunch had something strange in them. Again, I have a ton more chemtrail pics that do NOT have strange things in them. This is why I posted what I have. I keep getting banned and will prob again after this post. Wtf?!?!
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