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Message Subject STRANGE THINGS in some of my photos!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You should list what is odd in each of the pics below each pic link. I don't know what to look for in the pics.

Not sure why you're banned a lot. Maybe your in a spammer geographical area that gets banned?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 6839872

OP here...I posted this above. This is what I see in each picture...

Photo 1- to the right of sun a small blue circle?
Photo 2- Again to the right of sun a small blue circle
Photo 3- Zoom in if possible. I believe photo is sideways so look towards far left. 3 separate strange lights of 2. Furthest left 2 green lights, then 2 red lights and then 2 green lights again.
Photo 4- Again is sideways. Zoom if u can. Far left bunch of double green spots. I see 7 pairs.
Photo 5- Plane shot. I see the sun (to the bottom, again photo is sideways) with another bright object above, which is really to the right of the sun if photo was not sideways.
Photo 6- Again sideways, sorry!! While sideways look to the right/top. Zoom. Again double green-ish lights. 2 sets.
Photo 7- Sideways, zoom. Top, center, a little left....black object.
Photo 8- A little right of center, a little above fence....black object. Zoom!
Photo 9- Sideways. Tilt top towards right so large bright sun is on your right. Now towards the left of the sun, towards the left of the chemtrails, a small sun-like circle???
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