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To mass shooting victims who survive... Or to family members of those who that don't...

Pull Thy Head Out
User ID: 21219374
United States
12/20/2012 03:06 AM
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To mass shooting victims who survive... Or to family members of those who that don't...
Mass shooting victims who survive, and family members of those who don't... To you who go on a crusade to take away our rights, I have something to say to you.

You HAD my sympathy. But seeing as you want me and my family to be at the mercy of those people who will ALWAYS be armed, whether it be criminals, or "government" (often one in the same), then I no longer have ANY sympathy for you at all.





Seem harsh? Well, it's not NEARLY as harsh as an asshole who wants MILLIONS of people to be helpless, and to place themselves in the very same positions as the 260 MILLION that died last century, as a result of being killed by their own "governments". And that doesn't even INCLUDE the ones who died due to common crime.

If you don't care about the safety and security of OTHER peoples families, and desire to TAKE AWAY their ability to defend themselves... Then... I don't care about your little Johnny.

Fair enough?

If little Johnny drowned in a swimming pool, and then you went on a crusade to ban swimming pools, I would feel the same way. Only not as strongly. Not having a swimming pool wouldn't jeopardize my ability to defend myself, in a world of nutballs, and scrofulous libtards.

Why don't you go on a crusade to ban the REAL killers, like cars, doctors, fast food, and suicides.