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Message Subject Six cops bust two Marines because one "stole" a sip of someone else's beer on the Las Vegas Strip
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Six cops, including a Sergeant, were busy detaining two Marines who were on leave from Iraq. What were the two Marines guilty of? One of them took a sip of someone else's beer who was on the Strip. That's right, someone set down a beer and one of the Marines walked by and took a sip of beer.

A Sergeant was called out to deal with this and a bunch of other cops were there to back up this event. They were being charged with "larceny." Funny enough, both Marines were being cooperative and never raised their voice. However, the two cops who originally stopped them kept saying, "calm down." WTF???

With all the crime that takes in Las Vegas and these idiots were busy hassling a couple of Iraq War veterans who were on leave. Fucking cops in the US are out of control.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 29687017

Why are these marines having to steal sips when people should be buying rounds for them! They are our real heroes!
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