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Too many connections in /home/quakes/domains/quakes.globalincidentmap

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United States
12/20/2012 06:30 AM
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Too many connections in /home/quakes/domains/quakes.globalincidentmap
Can't check earthquake activity right now. Too many people trying and server is swamped.
I voted yes in Trinity's poll about something happening tomorrow.
I've been aware of the prophecies for 30 years. I've half-assed prepped for a long time.
I passed on a good paying 2 week job that starts tomorrow, 200 miles from home.
While I'm hoping I can call myself a fool, just like Y2K, I suspect that all the mental stress and apprehension can/could cause somthing to occur.
I think the mass awareness of the human race is a strong force. Even if nothing celestrial is coming I think it could be induced by this energy.

So, like everyone else I'm kinda holding my breath till Saturday.

World EQ report:

[link to quakes.globalincidentmap.com]

Here's a link that's working:
[link to earthquake.usgs.gov]

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