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Message Subject Sandy Hook: Blood on Windows, Screams in School, Parents Screaming
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This is real. I live in newtown. I went to the wake of the principal. It was open casket. A 6 year old girl in line in front of me told the police at the door that she saw her teacher dead. Also, sandy hook school did not resume on Tuesday. All other newtown schools did. Those kids are being moved to a new school in a nearby town, they have not gone back to school yet. Fucking idiot, pay some respect instead of wasting your time thinking about how the whole world is against you. Two mothers who lost children are clients of mine. That father on tv was that poor girls REAL father, dick. I have seen these children with their parents in the past long before they were televised. I feel sorry for you that you will never be part of a community like this, you will never know how important it is to be surrounded by love at a heavy time of grief such as this. Also, go fuck yourself.
 Quoting: We are newtown 30455598

I am not one of the posters saying nobody died, or that the parents are actors. However, there are still gaping holes in the official story. Allow me to highlight just a few that have been bugging me:

A CNN report, which has not been retracted, says it took first responders 20 minutes after the FIRST 911 call to arrive on the scene. This was repeated by a guest on the Pierce Morgan show a few nights ago.
[link to www.cnn.com]

As a Newtown resident, you must know that a 20 minute response time to something like this is impossible. They'd have been there in 3-4 minutes.

Also, how did Lanza get the brother's ID if they hadn't seen each other in two years? Why all the reports of multiple shooters? Have you listened to the police band radio communications? Talking about outher suspects, vehicles, shots still being fired? I thought they told us Lanza was already dead when they showed up? And the gun from the trunk of the car? Smashed hard drives at Lanza's house? Nobody claiming his body? Where's the father?

I am very sensitive to the suffering and loss surrounding this hideous atrocity. But we need to seek the truth!
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