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Message Subject Sandy Hook: Blood on Windows, Screams in School, Parents Screaming
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Now, if your child was shot on a Friday morning along with

their whole class and teacher, wouldn't you be freaking out? Highly emotional? Needing to be held back?
 Quoting: If your child was shot 21155311

I've heard the media talking about some of the parents and how they are "moving on" . . . wth? That's inconceivable! One couple interviewed the other day by Anderson Cooper were smiling and laughing and saying they were at peace, they were not able to see their daughter, just the white casket, they spent time in the room - and accepted it all and left.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 30458479

Yes, this is unbelievable.

No one talks like this about the
murder of their child.

So something is very amiss. On the one hand, there
are probably a lot of children who have been murdered
and utterly devastated parents.

On the other hand, the math in this case adds up to ZERO!
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