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Message Subject Sandy Hook: Blood on Windows, Screams in School, Parents Screaming
Poster Handle sodbust
Post Content
The facts are,,, Obama and his crew and the new world order want ALL guns from Americans.. At any cost!

Study about govt mind control.. and look at the failed or back fired gun running to Mexico. Another failed attempt but not the needed paper trail to nail the twisted govt we have in place now.

I don't know what happened at this school,, but like everyone else the holes in this story don't even add up for Barny from May berry..

Were all the parents standing outside the school such sheeple that they did not try to force themselves forward for information? or out of real panic,, want to see there child... It just looks to much like a Hallmark production for TV..

I smell a rat,, in this kitchen.. A hole bunch of them..
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