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Message Subject Sandy Hook: Blood on Windows, Screams in School, Parents Screaming
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Please explain your theory in a little more detail. You believe children were killed. But you believe actors were brought in to play the roles of parents? Why? And where are the real parents?
 Quoting: Evil Cretin

I think the real parents must have been escorted by the police somewhere so they wouldn't mess up the PsyOp and figure out all the mistakes in the official story.

I am exceedingly sad that I believe 20 children were murdered and ripped away from their parents.

On wellaware1.com you can see that some of the actors in this PsyOp are the usual actors for all these fake events. Seems like a blood sacrifice.
 Quoting: Very sad 21155311

I'm all for a conspiracy theory and I don't trust our government but IMO, your claims are preposterous! Just because a witness doesn't describe the scene as "bloody" that does not mean there wasn't any blood.

Maybe because it "was" small children, maybe the MSM actually used a little restraint and compassion while describing the scene.

As for the parents reaction, they were probably in shock. You don't honestly know how you would react unless you were in that situation.
They knew there was a gunman inside....but didnt have details. For all they knew it could have been a group of men with guns.

Think McFly! Really try and put yourself in those parents shoes.
Your claim is almost like a slap in the face to those parents :(
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