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Message Subject Sandy Hook: Blood on Windows, Screams in School, Parents Screaming
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Upper middle class white people are taught that grief - no matter how painful - is a private thing. You do not make a scene and if possible you refrain from crying or being seen crying in public. That's what heavy veils are for at funerals. Men have large sunglasses as their "prop" to hide their bloodshot eyes.

This town is upscale old money. Probably mostly Episcopalian or Lutheran and a smattering of Unitarians. There might be a few Catholic and/or Jewish families but they're all part of the same social circle and they wouldn't be caught dead dishonoring the memory of a loved one (especially a beloved child) by letting the public see them in private moments of grieving.

I remember when my Uncle Frank died. I loved him and was inconsolable. While in the Limo on the way to the funeral, my grandmother carefully coached me to be "strong" and to "not embarrass the family or Uncle Frank's memory" by crying or "carrying on" in public. "Our sort of family" doesn't act that way in public. Grief is a private matter."

When we got home after the funeral and the graveside service there were probably 200-300 friends and family waiting for the core family to return home. They were all eating, drinking, and discussing their memories of Uncle Frank and his life. I went up to my room and later on my grandmother brought be a tray and sat with me and we cried together. But only in private. Even the household help were not allowed to see the family grieving in such an obvious way.

Do not think they don't have feelings. They do. Very much so. But they wouldn't dare dishonor their family or their child by being public with their grief. That's not how "we" act. If you want to see the perfect example of this kind of upper class grieving in the 20th century - look at the tapes of Mrs Kennedy after her Husband was murdered in Dallas and she flew home on the plane with his body as Lyndon Johnson was sworn in as the new President of the US. Mrs. Kennedy went thru that entire state funeral and never let anyone see her break down or become hysterical in public. That's how the upper classes grieve. Don't expect these Sandy Hook families to be screaming and raging. They're ladies and gentlemen who were raised to act properly... even in this circumstance - heaven help them!
 Quoting: MarkinAZ

That is bullshit, sorry to say.

Anderson Cooper said that the couple he interviewed contacted HIM. Emily Parkers parents are also media-whores, making appearances within a day of her death, even having a fund open where you can send money... not only are the media whores they exploit their dead kids for money. Not very classy if you ask me....
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