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Message Subject BREAKING!!! 1 BILLION VIEWS FOR PSY ON DEC 21st 2012
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

paddle through, strain the fiber of the seas
the walk that talks
the strides that conquer
the passage unearthed beneath

the black bearer of dark torch
the waves bubble at his passing
the ones who know the coming
shut their eyes to the waking dream

he comes, he goes
the black rider on the loose
the fishes have gone North
the giant fins avoid

there lurks the dark hole of earth
the sitting duck of targets
one ray from the whirlpool of space
one sting posed above crumbles the world below

where will the whirlwind go
what would it gather in its folds
the wise give up all
the unwise gather every other thing

the horseman never whistles
the whirls of the watery terrain hide him
one moment soon
his torch strikes the gaping hole of earth
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