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Message Subject BREAKING!!! 1 BILLION VIEWS FOR PSY ON DEC 21st 2012
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Well isn't that special!

I can cure cancer. Do I have a billion views? No, because there is no gangnam style in my cure.

Just freshly grated habanero peppers and garlic, along with a little oil.

I mean what's more important...a cure for cancer or gangnam style? Well the people have spoken, and it is no doubt gangnam style.

Here is my cure for those of you who are uncool.

[link to kelleyeidem.hubpages.com]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 990186

Be happy for that one Korean man, I know many Asians in the west have lived invisible lives watching blacks and hispanics worshipped and having the carpets rolled out to them in America.. Asians are still neglected

Japanese girls and other asian girls , you never ever see them in American media.

Asian men get no exposure as well . Everything thinks that A chinese man works at a restaurant and every Japanese and Korean man works at Computer software

Be happy for them. Ive majored in Marketing and have noticed the neglect to the asian market for as long as America existed.

Now that you point that out this is very true.
 Quoting: Dapurps

Yup. We need more of this !


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