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Message Subject BREAKING!!! 1 BILLION VIEWS FOR PSY ON DEC 21st 2012
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Well isn't that special!

I can cure cancer. Do I have a billion views? No, because there is no gangnam style in my cure.

Just freshly grated habanero peppers and garlic, along with a little oil.

I mean what's more important...a cure for cancer or gangnam style? Well the people have spoken, and it is no doubt gangnam style.

Here is my cure for those of you who are uncool.

[link to kelleyeidem.hubpages.com]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 990186

Garlic, peppers is very potent.. Garlic cured and protected people during the Black Plague.

When garlic and peppers are grated or turned into a tincture, they are super potent.

There are so many different ways to cure cancer because cancer is weak and herbs are strong. Curing cancer only gets difficult when a person ruins their body thru surgery, chemo or radiation.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 990186

Our modern medical industry is horrible. Only things I do approve of is surgery like for womens childbirth needing c section or to set broken legs, car accidents, wounds etc..

But in preventative care and the balance of the body, and its nutrients it needs, medicine fails in that aspect

For example, I can help a infertile woman conceive if shes not ovulating with dong quai and red rasberry and vitex. They will get her ovulating again, I have passed on this knowledge and four babies came of it. I dont do it publically, just passed on the knowledge after I took courses, to those I personally knew.

Good for you!

One time I recommended an herbal tincture of muira puama to a women who had been trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant for five years. I merely passed along advice from an older woman who once whispered "This stuff gives me the best orgasms!"

That bit of news got the young woman thinking. Six weeks later she came back to tell me she was pregnant and I was responsible. ;-)

She was quite happy.
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