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Message Subject Wanna see MASONIC signs on tape? Then wanna see masonic Aliens on tape?? here it is
Poster Handle Zakk
Post Content
lol Zakk making the rounds, I wonder if he gets paid for being retarded.
 Quoting: isozy

I get 750$ a month cuz the masons said my marina is on their property with the county comissioner eldon niller sr (flashes me the 3 sign and said it aloud) and then the masons in tulls bay said join the cult, join the cult or die and then it became 'can we use your marina no questions asked' from the navy seals, yea the things I was training to kill people via wing chun kung fu.. same with the norfolk cops... then it became clear they have an egyptian problem.

anyone saying im god, satan, jesus or the anti is who fucked you, joke them and point at them... notice they say nothing is going on yet, touch their face and make that sign.. scratch scratch.. and sound like lizards alot.


for reporting the rico act violations and illegal navy seals and illegal cops in currituck...

I get a social security check cuz the same government who did all this and watched me log it the whole time, said im delusional.

this has now lead to a kill em all contest between the gangsters, aliens , fbi and cia and police.

referred to as 'jumanjihighlander' ...1 word.

you call it 'life on earth daily'.

get your dance on , you aint gonna be here much longer ...
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