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Message Subject Wanna see MASONIC signs on tape? Then wanna see masonic Aliens on tape?? here it is
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This is disgusting and this person will most likely be hired by TSA in the future. That is where all the security and or defunct police go now even criminal ones and they hire them.

Yet this person doing this to these women needs mental help as this is way too far for a cig being thrown out a window of a car and personally they do not sound high, so it was a reg cig. This cop is either a transexual or a pervert most likely, there is no other excuse as most people would cringe at even attempting any effort as such for littering or even throwing a mj butt out. Cringe as it is a personal thing to do, even at a police station, never mind on the side of the street!
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