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Message Subject Wanna see MASONIC signs on tape? Then wanna see masonic Aliens on tape?? here it is
Poster Handle Zakk
Post Content
im now trained to watch the masons go crazy and deny anything is going on and mock them, joke them to their faces and tell them 'nothing is going on' while I joke them and watch them die.

to easy, thanks for the attention.

like sick lizards people will ask, why the fuck did you even respond to his threads if you said he was crazy, all you did was give him proof in front of .. everyone, the public, police, fbi, cia, secret service and more.

(watch, they think its ok to do this cuz they think they control everything)

they dont and thanks for the attention, proof and .. whatever you call that.

sit back, watch... im joking you to your face and you are the mason, the gone from god loser, not me.
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