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Message Subject DEC 21, 2012 has not happened yet. Here is your time zone.
Poster Handle Sherrigirl2012
Post Content
Thanks for the list. So I have a few hours left to enjoy the internet...that's good. lol
Seriously on a bright note, I had a dream this morning that I had met and saw god. Never had a dream like that before. It seemed very real to me, but my dreams always do. He was in all white with a whitish glow all around him like clouds and he had bright white wavy hair with a wavy beard. He was beautiful. Words cannot describe the feelings I had in my dream...it felt glorious.
Now I need to say that the above paragraph is not like me. I have never felt the presence of god like I did in my dream. I always wondered why when I went to church as a kid why people would be crying and acting odd because I never felt anything. I think I may have gotten a glimpse of what others have felt in my dream. Anyway, religion has not been much of a part of my life at all. I always believed in something. I just didn't know what exactly. All I can say is I felt blessed by that dream this morning. (I work nights so I sleep in the day)
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