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Message Subject I can prove Adam Lanza did not shoot those kids in that school.
Poster Handle JennOfArc
Post Content
[link to www.examiner.com]

The assault rifle was in the trunk...why did the story change?
 Quoting: Jonny Blaze

Johnny, I was going to reply to you in the "other" thread, guess this place is as good as any.

The gun issues has been beat to death by conspiracists who won't let it go. They seem to pick and choose what INCORRECT info they decide to glom on to. The early gun reports were all over the place....varying info, just like the info about his mom being a Kindergarten teacher who was shot with her class inside the school. Just like the reports he was buzzed in by school officials. Just like the reports that his brother was in fact, the shooter, and on and on and on.

Johnny you yourself announced the ME was lying about how many gunshot victims he'd seen, assuming he was the coroner for the tiny town of Newtown, instead of the CHIEF ME of the state of CT! You yourself also presented a theory based on the (INCORRECT) thoughts that Mrs and Mr Lanza divorced in 2001. when in fact they divorced in 2009. It's this sort of perpetuation of incorrect information that allows the real info to get left behind.

Adam Lanza had another gun in his trunk, one that he never took inside. There is live video of the police finding that gun in his trunk the evening of the shooting(it was NOT an AR). The video was from a helicopter, was a tight shot, and showed the gun clearly.

The ME spoke ONLY to the guns found with the shooter and the ammo found in the deceased. He deferred all other questions. He's not an investigator. There's no reason he would be privvy to information about guns found outside the immediate crime scene.

Your "proof" article written by Harold Saive, Gainesville Conspiracy Examiner is yet another example of incorrect information being glommed onto and embraced as fact.
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