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Message Subject I can prove Adam Lanza did not shoot those kids in that school.
Poster Handle mikebo2
Post Content
Johnny you yourself announced the ME was lying about how many gunshot victims he'd seen, assuming he was the coroner for the tiny town of Newtown, instead of the CHIEF ME of the state of CT! You yourself also presented a theory based on the (INCORRECT) thoughts that Mrs and Mr Lanza divorced in 2001. when in fact they divorced in 2009. It's this sort of perpetuation of incorrect information that allows the real info to get left behind.

Adam Lanza had another gun in his trunk, one that he never took inside. There is live video of the police finding that gun in his trunk the evening of the shooting(it was NOT an AR). The video was from a helicopter, was a tight shot, and showed the gun clearly.

The ME spoke ONLY to the guns found with the shooter and the ammo found in the deceased. He deferred all other questions. He's not an investigator. There's no reason he would be privvy to information about guns found outside the immediate crime scene.
 Quoting: JennOfArc

Yes. I thought I had read somewhere that they were divorced in '01 instead of '09. I've been reading a lot of news articles from different sources.

Yes. I originally was confused about him being the Chief Medical Examiner of the entire State, I referred to him as the 'county coroner'.

Yes. I still have questions about his statements. I think what he said at that press conference was odd, even more so considering he is the CME for the entire state.

As Chief Medical Examiner he is certainly not the ONLY medical examiner in the entire state. Surely he has medical examiners that he sends out to different sites.

Even if the video shows a shotgun, that doesn't mean that the media did not claim that authorities initially found an Assault rifle in the trunk.

You can CLEARLY here a reporter ask that very question in the presser with the CME.

If a reporter is asking it...you find it surprising that I am asking it too?

What exactly are you trying to say?
 Quoting: Jonny Blaze

Sorry Johnny ...

Give it up.
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