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Message Subject I can prove Adam Lanza did not shoot those kids in that school.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Hate to let the air OUT of you story OP, BUT .... Photos from the air showed a SHOTGUN being taken out of the car trunk !

BUT, keep stirring the pot; something generally floats to the top, 'old boy' !
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 29216719

A shotgun is not an AR15, even from a distance they clearly look different.

So first there were three weapons, and shooter used the pistols with the AR in the trunk.

Then second version, he shot everyone with the AR, and finished himself with the Glock.

Then third version, there were four weapons.

Then fourth version, there were three weapons again.

First he was Ryan aged 20, based on identification in his pocket, except that Ryan is 24 which the i.d. would have said 24 not 20.

Then he was Adam.

His mom was a teacher at the school, then she was a substitute, then no one had ever heard of her.

No one knew Adam, yet they buzzed him in because he rang the buzzer, standing there outside the door with three, no two, no four, no three weapons. Wait, they didn't buzz him in, he shot his way in. Wait, they knew him, he was the quiet one that had gone to school there.

There was an altercation a few days earlier where he had argued with the principal and the school psychologist. No, wait, there was no altercation at all.

He had an altercation with his mom, though, and shot her. Oh wait, he shot her while she was in bed asleep.

He shot his dad in Hoboken, too, oh wait, my bad, dad is still around.

His girlfriend has been missing for days, but what girlfriend was that? Haven't heard another word about the search for the mass murderer's missing girlfriend.

He didn't do it alone, there were two shooters, one of them was caught in the woods. His name? Oh, wait, even though he was dressed in dark clothing and called out to parents that "I didn't shoot them", he no never existed.

So then there was just one shooter, Adam. He (or they, depending on when you turned on the tv) were dressed all in black, or was it in camo, or maybe pants and a dark jacket, with a mask, and also without a mask.

This is exhausting.
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